How much could you save on your broadband?

Once your initial contract period runs out and any promotional deals have ended, the cost of your broadband might increase. In fact, research shows that people who have passed their initial contract period pay around 20% more on their broadband deal.

You may be able to get your current broadband package more cheaply – either with your existing provider or by switching to a new one.

And upgrading to faster speeds doesn’t need to cost you more either. Superfast broadband deals can start from around £20 – that’s less than you can pay for some standard broadband packages once you pass your initial contract period.

If you’re not happy with what your current provider is offering, you can shop around for a deal that suits you.

You could use a price comparison site to check the different deals on offer. Ofcom accredits a number of comparison sites to ensure they are accurate, accessible, transparent and up-to-date.

Which?, supporter of Boost Your Broadband, also provides a broadband comparison tool.

Here are the prices of some of the broadband deals offered by some of the UK's broadband providers.

These prices are for uncapped data use, on an 18-month contract. We have listed these providers as collectively they account for 97% of the broadband market.


Price when introductory offer has ended

Price when you sign up to a new deal

BT standard



BT superfast



Sky standard



Sky superfast



TalkTalk standard



TalkTalk superfast



Plusnet standard



Plusnet superfast



EE standard



EE superfast



Virgin Media superfast



Prices are per month, include line rental and correct as of 14 June 2019. The Virgin Media price is for a 12-month contract. For the very latest pricing information please contact the provider.